I’m always taking the comic to a dark place.  A dark dark somewhat deviant place.  I swear I need therapy.

Well the boys are currently chasing down Death, and where else would Death be hiding than a Florida retirement home.  The zombie apocalypse has come to Florida… in comic form.

Anyone else see the zombie movie “Fido” I loved how they explain the elderly as ticking time bombs just waiting to pass away and turn into zombies.  If everyone who dies becomes a zombie you would have to think about that.  Sure you love grandma, but if she passes away quietly in her sleep…. You are NOT going to pass away quietly in yours.

That means locked doors and separate beds.  That goes for husband and wife too.  If your spouse has an aneurism one night, you are going to be his midnight snack.  That’s a little bit depressing actually.

Such is life when the dead walk the earth, however.

This is how I picture the future living with Zombie Grandma

You heard the woman, get her some brains!