I’ve been off the grid a lot lately. Thankfully I’m back now. Man it’s good to be away from all that disgusting natural light and sickeningly fresh air. I hates that stuff.

Little known fact fresh air and natural sunlight are poisonous and will kill you. Sure it might take about eighty or ninety years to do it, but it’ll get you in the end. It’s a very slow acting poison.

Anyway, back to today’s comic. I’ve just realized that a fair amount of my story ideas end in some sort of horrible ritual or another involving the “Old Ones.” This seams to be a growing trend, but I love the little Necronomicon character so that it just may happen occasionally.

Also My daughter saw me drawing this comic and asked me “Daddy, why are you being mean to your characters… Don’t you love them?”

In a very fatherly sort of way I simply explained that daddy owned them and it brought me great joy to torment them and ruin their little lives. Then I looked at her meaningfully and said, “Did you know Daddy owns you too?”

Right before she ran away screaming I think we had a father/daughter bonding moment… There so cute when they’re scared.

That’s just good parenting my friends. She’ll thank me when she’s older.