I don’t know why I live in Utah.  The state motto is “Greatest snow on earth” and I hate snow with a fiery hate that eclipses the very sun.

Today was the first big snow day of the year.  I’d like to thank my fellow Utahns for forgetting how to drive in the snow….. again.  Just like we forget how to drive in the snow every single year.

The combination of elderly drivers driving fifteen miles per hour combined with SUV drivers who refused to slow down at all  made my four hour commute home tonight super awesome.  There’s nothing better than taking your life into your hands every single stupid winter.  Again, why do I live here?  I am not a smart man.

Sorry for this short comic, with my extended commute home it was all I could manage tonight.  Oh well, at least it’s not supposed to snow for a while again.  That should be just long enough for us all to forget how to drive in the snow….. again.