It doesn’t matter if you have the “Skin of a Killer” if you get kicked in your naughty bits it’s going to hurt

Oh man, it feels good to give Twilight a hard time again.  Kind of like coming home after a long journey to sit in your favorite chair.  It just feels right.

However, for the record every time I make a bit of fun at Twilight’s expense I have to point out that I don’t hate Twilight.  Yes I have read all the books.  No they aren’t terrible, nor are they my favorite.  They simply weren’t written for me.  They were written to appeal to younger women.  If they were written for me there would have been more car chases and giant robots…. also less man boob.

Curse you, Jacob and your six pack abs!  Why must you be so dreamy?

It does feel a bit cathartic to have a character kick Edward Cullen in the naughty bits for today’s comic though.