Soooooooo it’s about 1:30 in the morning right about now.  Time for my tired brain to spew nonsense.

I was at a convention in Las Vegas last year where I was shocked at the popularity of something called “Yaoi,” basically comics of gay men doing that which gay men do.  That actually wasn’t the part that shocked me.   It was that this particular genre was so popular with women.   I’m thirty-nine decrepit years old and the sight of so many women purchasing comics with dudes kissing blew my mind.  I had no idea of the popularity….. with women.

As a red blooded American male and therefore a degenerate pervert I’m well aware of what my breed likes.  It’s pretty much everything.  We’re gross that way.  We will happily stare for hours at two women kissing with no problem other than mild dehydration.  I have no idea why I thought women were different.  It had simply never occurred to me before.

Possibly it had never occurred to before because I find my own hairy, slowly aging, decrepit husk to be repulsive in the extreme.  And I assure you I ain’t getting any prettier with age.  Every morning I stare into the mirror inspecting the damage like my own version of Dorian Gray’s painting.  To be honest I’m not sure why my wife tolerates my horrifying presence.  Someone should give her a medal.

The idea that women like reading comics about two such ghastly creatures without a female to distract attention away from the vile male form is unexpected.