Running a blood cult is probably pretty difficult.  You’ve got to pay for all those robes, sacrificial knives, and I bet your dry cleaning bill is horrendous.  Have you ever tried to get blood out of your cult robes?  It’s not easy let me tell you.  Club soda  will not get that out.

Also where in the hell do you buy club soda?  There is no club soda isle in my local grocery store.  I think people made it up because they are just too embarrassed to admit they are using plain old water.

Okay that’s probably not true, but it is super super SUPER late right now and I’m just writing whatever dumb thoughts are going through my feebly working brain at the moment.  Weren’t we talking about vampire blood cults?

So am I the only one who remembers American Gladiators, and I’m talking the original American gladiators.  Wikipedia informs me that there have been two other runs of that horrible show and they are working on a third.  Super.  That’s just super.  A bunch of roided out weirdos who were paid to be way too excited about their jobs compete with the “everyman” for prizes.  Unless they take out the padded weapons and give them real working swords, axes, and maces I don’t care.

I’m so tired.