A Rick Grimes Zombie is an awesome zombie. A zombie you can trust and believe in.

I just finished up season 2 of “The Walking Dead” and in my humble opinion Shane was right. He was a jerk about it to be fair, but he was right. If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse you’ve got to be a hard heartless bastard willing to make the tough calls and the sacrifices necessary to live.

Thank almighty Cthulhu that I won’t have that problem as I plan on being first in line to become a zombie. In fact with any luck, people like Shane will be eliminated by warm hearted fuzzy headed people like Rick and I’ll have a free reign to devour the rest of the survivors.

Oh being a zombie is going to be ever so much fun!

The Rick Grimes Zombie Sketch

Rick Grimes Zombie Sketch

This is the original zombie sketch for poor old rick. It’s done on toned paper using prismacolor pencils for the shading and highlights.

I also use opaque white ink for the more intense highlights on the sketches. This is the same type of sketch I offer at conventions and on my store. Starting on the 19th of this month I’ll be at “Anime Bonzia” doing sketches like these for anyone who’s interested and in the area.

I usually work the highlights more with my sketches, but this time thought I would do it in photoshop thinking in my head that would save me some time. Turns out, not so much. I spent far more time doing it in photoshop that I’m filled with regret now. It’s 1:30 a.m. now and I am filled with the sleepiness.

And with the sleepiness comes the sillies. Such as have you noticed that everyone maintains the perfect amount of facial hair in The Walking Dead? How is that possible? If I “forget” to shave for a week I look like Chewbaka eating a muskrat…. It ain’t pretty.

But everyone on that show is perfectly clean, shaved, and probably smells pleasant. I’ve been to conventions and I can assure you that that is NOT normal when you neglect your personal hygiene.

I’m going to bed…. I’ll probably have a nightmare tonight of Rick Grimes zombie trying to shave me or something. Weird, I know.