As a future zombie, and don’t kid yourself we are all going to become zombies one day, I’m very concerned with the standard of living for all the undead.

Unless you sparkle in which case I don’t care that much.

I made the horrible mistake of watching the news, something I try never to do.  It really screws with my apathy.  As a general rule I don’t give a crap about politics, protestors, or political movements.  And I almost never talk about it.  The Occupy Wall Street people are funny to me though.  Not because of their message, but because of the parodies about it.

Every where I go I see “I am the 99%” in one funny way or another.  It’s the next internet meme.  Move over Charlie Sheen.

I am a professional ass so of course I have to get in on that with a zombie parody of the 99% jokes.

You think class warfare is bad now, well when we’re running low on edible humans and everyone is a shambling hungry undead then you’ll start seeing some serious economic zombie protestors.

#Occupy My Belly