Nobody, and I mean nobody can give somebody the Stink Eye better than a zombie.

No, that’s not some sort of euphemism you creepy perv. That’s the pure evil ability to give someone the meanest dirtiest look possible.

You need to channel your deepest rage, angst, and disappointment into the “stink eye”, to dig really deep into the darkest, blackest parts of your soul possible…. To make them truly feel low with a look.

Usually this ability is reserved for say, you mom (when she notices how long you’ve been in the bathroom), your arresting officer (when he also notices how long you’ve been in the bathroom),…. oh yeah and your ex-wife (I still have some post traumatic stress syndrome from it).

But nobody can give someone “The stink eye” better than a zombie. Maybe it’s because their eyeballs are already stinky, who knows.