I need new zombie stories to satisfy my unholy yearnings for the undead.  That’s pretty hard to do as there is nothing new under the bloody sun.  In one way or another every thing has been done before.  Are zombies a tired played out genre.  Well yes, yes they are.  But then at one point or another every genre becomes played out and tired until somebody with a new voice comes a long to give it new life… So so speak.  And I crave new zombie stories

At the moment I would have to say that nothing bores me more than the stereotypical VIRAL Zombie.  I’ve seen so many horrible movies based on this type of zombie that I just can’t watch them anymore.  Even Brad Pitt with his amazing Jesus hair could not make a zombie movie that was very interesting to watch.  World War Z was pretty boring in my humble opinion.

Give me new Zombie Stories Now

I’m really looking forward to someone coming up with an interesting take on a new zombie story.  For far far FAR to long I have argued with zombie purists.  These are people who are convinced beyond any hope of discussion that zombies can only ever be the way they think George Romero made them.

  • First George Romero didn’t make up zombies.  He brought them into the pop culture.  We can all thank him, and worship him as a living god for that, but that still doesn’t mean that his are the only rules allowed.
  • Second almost every Rule George Romero has for his zombies gets broken at some point or another.  I’ve seen his zombies run, use tools.  I’ve seen them talk, shoot people they didn’t like, and even ride horses for hell’s sake.
  • Third and I know  you won’t like hearing this, but it’s true:  If Stephanie Meyer can make millions writing about overly emotional and sparkly vampires then I’m pretty sure someone can come up with a new zombie too.  You don’t have to like it, but it needs to be done.

I prefer my zombies to be supernatural myself.  It frees them from the boring constraints of reality and lets you do something new.  And at this point any new zombie stories may be good.