In terms of villains to fight in video games you can’t really go wrong with zombies or Nazis. Neither one of these two groups are going to get much sympathy as being too picked on. Now you put those two together and you’ve got villains for your games that just keep on giving.

You can happily blast Nazi Zombies without the least pain of conscionse that your oppressing or being insensitive to some poor undeserving group or another. It’s guilt free slaughter that lets you sleep like a baby…. a baby with carpel tunnel syndrome. What could be better.

I’m really excited about the zombie destruction in the next Call of Duty game…. Can you tell?

On a side note I’m really happy with how I rendered the Nazi Zombie dude. I get a much better look when I’m not using the airbrush tool in photoshop. Have to keep practicing.

If your a “Zombie rights activist” please send your hate mail to zombiecarter @ and we’ll discuss it.

If your a Skinhead who wants to complain about my unfair treatment of your heros… Get a job, grow your hair out, and do something about the ridiculous amount of tattoos on your face. That doesn’t look cool it’s just gross.