A zombie safe house is never safe.  No matter how well fortified it is the zombies will ALWAYS get in.  Don’t believe me?

Have you ever….EVER seen a zombie movie where the zombie don’t get in or in some other way get at the survivors? No you haven’t.  That’s because it makes a pretty boring movie with no tension what-so-ever if the zombie don’t get in and start a ruckas.

Now I bet your saying to yourself right now.  “Oh yeah Mr. Smartypants.  When I have a zombie fortress it’ll be totally secure, with lots of food, video games, and women.”  Wrong!

Sadly zombies are fictitious monster you only find in games, movies, and books.  Therefore they are subject to the rules of drama.  And the rules of drama ensure that eventually the crap is going to hit the fan and there’s going to be a fight.  Otherwise why put zombies into your creepy survivalist fantasy in the first place.

Sure we’ve all thought of getting ourselves a “Compound” filled with food, games, and women, but without zombies your just going to get on some sort of government watch list and that can only end in tears.  You don’t want.

By the way I’m very pleased that you noticed how smart my pants are, but my eyes are up here.