So last Saturday night my wife and I were driving to the store when we had to stop for a train. Even though our lights are on, the railroad lights were flashing, and brake lights were everywhere this kid took his foot off his brake and smacked into the back of my van. WTF? That was not terribly bright on his part.

So we pull over to the side and inspect the cars for damage which thankfully there was none. Although the terror on this poor sixteen year old’s was plain as day. I’m pretty sure this must have been this kids first car accident ever. He was shaking in terror and had no idea what to expect. I examined my van and his car and couldn’t see even a scratch’s worth of damage.

So my wife and I cracked a few jokes to diffuse the tension and told him everything was fine. However just as he was about to get back into his car my wife leaned into him and with the fiercest most frightening facial expression told him “Don’t you EVER hit my car again!” This poor kid went white as a ghost. My wife and I lost it and began to laugh hysterically.

And that’s why I love my wife,