Lori Grimes Zombie is the zombie that you love to hate. The Walking Dead season 2 is now on Netflix and I’m going through them one a night. Lori Grimes makes for an interesting character. Lots of bad decisions and questionable life choices.

What I love is all the memes around Lori Grimes. So she makes bad choices, that will prevent her from winning wife and mother of the year, but everybody in a zombie flick makes stupid and bad choices. That’s the primary way you know you’re watching a zombie movie. If people didn’t make retarded decisions during a zombie apocalypse the apocalypse wouldn’t last more than a week as humans are just too good at killing things.

I do like the actress who plays Lori Grimes and I wonder what it’s like to play a character who nobody likes.

I wanted to draw a Lori Grimes Zombie for today’s comic just for funzies. Yes that’s a real word, I swear it.

My Lori grimes zombie sketch before tweaking it in photoshop.

Lori Grimes before zombification

For the record, and this is where I have a shameless plug for myself.  The zombiefied sketch below is done the same way as the ones I do for people at conventions and that I offer on my store.

What’s that you say? How do I get a sketch of myself or a loved one as a zombie?  Well I have the answer for you.  Simply follow this link to my store and I’ll do one for you.  I’m just that awesome.  Zombie Sketch link of awesomeness.

I should have taken more screen shots of all the steps I took to make the Lori Grimes Zombie comic post and then I could have posted it up as a tutorial.  Now I feel shame.  I try to do that in the future as lots of people are bugging me to do more tutorials.

Lori Grimes Zombie