One of the least effective weapons to fight zombies has to be the nailgun.  For shear brain destroying power it comes up short, it has limited ammo, jams frequently, and you’re going to run out of pressure fast.  Terrible weapon.

Nailguns are terrible weapons to fight zombies
This poor guy took a nail to the head and drove HIMSELF to the hospital.  If he could do that a zombie is going to simply laugh at your improvised nailgun weapon.  Get yourself a shotgun.  That’s a much better zombie fighting weapon.

Even as I finish this zombie comic and post it I am currently watching some show about weird ways that people have died… I know I’m morbid that way.

But holy crap this is fascinating!  Now there are ways to “check out,” and then there are horribly humiliating ways to “Check Out.”  My favorite is the guy who dressed up as a fish to go swimming and died of heat stroke before reaching the water.  Kinda embarassing.

That’s why I hope to shed my mortal coil in a more dignified manor…  As an incredibly elderly man generously lathered in rich creamy butter and shot out of a cannon into a “Chuck-a-Rama” buffet.  I shall be holding thirty-two sparklers, but not with my hands.

Go big or go home I say.  🙂