I’m always willing to help Valve Software out with more concept art for their next version of “Left 4 Dead”  it’s only a matter of time before they recognize my genius and offer me a job with an outrageous salary and a buxom young assistant… to assist me.  (Clearly I have put too much thought into this fantasy of mine)

I’m really looking forward to the next version of “Left 4 Dead” what Valve is going to do with the new zombie bosses is guaranteed to be awesome.  A good zombie boss can make or break a game like that.

Anyway, Halloween has come and gone and as I was sneaking into my children’s room to steal their candy two things occurred to me.  One, stealing your kids Halloween candy has no dignity and I am officially a bad person, and two, Halloween would have been the ultimate time to have a zombie apocalypse.  Why have I seen no movies where this happened?

So that’s where the idea of zombie trick-or-treaters comes from.  Imagine cute little kids coming to your door, you think nothings wrong, you open the door,  now they are feasting on your brains.  Sounds positive.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to swipe and handful of fun sized candy bars from my daughter.  I’ll have to console myself and my overwhelming shame with sweet sweet candy.