The terror, the pain. You single people just don’t understand. (I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!… But the emotional scars just run sooo deep.)

The “In-Laws” is the latest of my rejected zombie boss concept sketches for Valve’s super awesome game “Left 4 Dead 2”. These terrifying bosses are guaranteed to bring married men to their knees and crush them under a weight of despair so great it’s hard to describe without a pie chart. Sure you single people don’t understand, but you will. Oh yes, you will.

I love doing these rejected zombie boss concept sketches. They make me giggle in a way that is really unbecoming of my incredibly macho and manly persona.

Attn: Valve.
Feel free to hire me at any point. I say this with utmost sincerity. I love you, I love your games, and I wish to have your collective baby.
Consider this my formal application letter.

P.S. No really, I love you.