You know there is one thing really missing with the furry community. Biodiversity. I go to a fair amount of cons these days and see my share of furries but they tend to be the same overall. I see lots of dogs, cat girls, foxes, etc… Almost all mammals.

The invertebrates are woefully underrepresented in the furry community. Where is the individual who longs to put on his/her fursona and proudly proclaim to the world that yes… YES! A thousand times YES! “My Other Self is a glorious Brine Shrimp! Bask in my invertebrate majesty and know the face of God!” I am incredibly disappointed that I don’t see more of that.

That’s actually not a joke, I would love to see that.  I’ll be going to Fandemonium in Idaho next month and there will be a lot of furries there.  If I can just see one brave soul who bucks the trend and puts on a Cuttlefish costume then I can die happy knowing that my life is complete.

Now that being said there is one creature on this blasted earth that I cannot abide.  And let no man take up it’s mantel.  For to do so will invite my hellish wrath.


If your “Other” self is even vaguely associated with this damnable creature then you and I are blood enemies.  Even now I can’t sleep because one of the demon spawn is in my room somewhere taunting me.  It waits for me to lie down so it can probe me with it’s pointy bits and deliver my hard earned vitae to it’s blasphemous brood.

Curse you MOSQUITO!  You shall not sup my crimson fluids!  It’s 1:30 at night and I want to go to bed…. I’m soooooo tired.  🙁

(This blog post brought to you through the combined power of sleep deprivation and muscle relaxants.  All hail the mighty pharmacy)