I’m sure someone will try to take me to task over this today’s comic. They’ll angrily tell me how this type of thing doesn’t go on and how they dress up in their furry outfits for purely platonic reasons. Maybe they even do. Anything’s possible I suppose.

But let me just stop you there. This isn’t my first trip to the rodeo. I’ve been to enough conventions and seen enough of the after hours events to know things… Things that will scar me for life.

But you see there’s no reason to be defensive. It’s not like you are the only one who’s a little pervy. We all are, and anyone who doesn’t admit it is probably a liar. Instead of denying it, you should just own it.

Stand proud and tall with your furry brothers and sisters, arm in arm…. slathered in butter, embracing your pervy nature. Possibly there will be dancing…. Okay look I’m getting distracted here.

The point is that everyone is a perv, myself included. So lighten up and stop sending me angry e-mails insulting my parentage.