Soooo, you all enjoying the zombie apocalypse?  Everyone having a good time with all the rivers of blood, fire and brimstone…. hails of frog…….  NO????  That’s because the Mayans are jerks and there’s no ultimate doom awaiting us all.  I am disappointed.

I live in Utah and I can tell you that it’s part of the culture here that there is a belief that the apocalypse is coming in our lifetime.  I’m not saying I believe that, it’s just what I’ve been told since I was a little kid.  But preparedness and saving up a years food storage are topics of conversation I regularly hear.

Actually the fact that Utah is something of a blasted wasteland already and the survivalist cultural attitude here I believe this state is uniquely prepared for a zombie uprising.  Not that we’re going to survive.  Of course we won’t, it’s just that we’ll probably last longer than the other states.  So the zombie apocalypse should be a good time.

Except that if you are reading this then once again NO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Damn you Mayans! How dare you give me hope for a blasted future filled with relentless hordes of the shambling dead forever hungry for human flesh.