I thought about calling this comic “I don’t think you’re ready for this ELDRITCH jelly” but it seamed wordy.

Now before I get taken to task by a well meaning Lovecraft nerd about the reproductive habits or lack thereof of Elder Gods do keep in mind this isn’t a very serious comic.  It’s artistic license.  Also for all we know before he passed away it was entirely possible that H.P. Lovecraft was going to write a sequal to “Call of Cthulhu” that would be in the style of an 80’s family sitcom. (Though probably not)

I imagine Cthulhu being a single dad trying to make it in these crazy times while taking care of his various spawn.  He/she/it would of course work at an advertising agency set to warp and drive the mortals mad.  Yet he would alway have time when troublesome guests such as his crazy brother in law Narlahotep would stop by and sleep on his couch.

Oh the crazy tentacled hijinks that will ensue.

I really have a bad habit of making these posts for my zombie comic so late at night, my tired brain wanders and I have to share whatever silliness comes out of it.