Howard Phillips Lovecraft or H.P. Lovecraft is possibly one of my favorite authors.  Not because Lovecraft’s writing is the greatest that ever was, there are plenty of writers who are better I’m sure.

But Lovecraft’s writing evokes a cosmic horror where vast unknowable forces exist that even to glimpse would drive mere mortals mad.  Humanity itself is utterly insignificant in the face of such Eldritch Horror and it is only a matter of time before our puny race is wiped from the earth by ancient horrors we are unprepared to face.  It’s cosmic horror at it’s finest.

Honestly, what there not to LOVE about that.

So it’s not so much that I love Lovecraft’s writing style, but I love that creepy feeling of horror and doom when I read his work.  When I was trying to decide on what type of comic I would start making I basically flipped a coin.  Would I draw a comic about zombies or would I draw a comic based on Lovecraft’s mythos.  Well I have more to say about zombies so I chose that but you’ll probably notice that Lovecraftian monsters show up quite a bit in the comic.

Underneath Moon’s stupid hat is a baby Shoggoth that is constantly doing terrible terrible things to the back of his head…. Terrible things.  I find that incredibly amusing.

By the way.  Regular comics will begin to update again on Friday.  I’m just horribly overwhelmed at the moment, but I expect to be finished up soon.  Thanks for the patients.