Hipster Cthulhu, You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Him.  Actually I would be surprised by that, actually.  If you’re the type of person who likes reading my comic, you’ve probably heard of Cthulhu by now.  At the conventions I go to you can’t swing a proverbial dead cat without hitting a Cthulhu reference.  Also don’t swing dead cats… That’s not very nice.

But just in case you haven’t  he’s from the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and appears in the story “Call of Cthulhu” which was written in the 1926, and first published in the pulp magazine “Weird Tales”  in February 1928.  It’s safe to say that it predates both “Pacific Rim” and “Gojira/Godzilla” by a few years.

Oh man, that felt good to be all snarky and hipstery their for a second.  I feel like I should get some stupidly large glasses and start shopping for my clothes at thrift stores now.  Or possibly I won’t do that.  Hipsters care to much about not caring about things.

I full on admit to being passionate about my H.P. Lovecraft trivia.  And far from being an elitist about it, I would like you all to read it and appreciate it for what it is.  Creepy cosmic horror that has influenced modern day horror and scifi in ways too numerous to count.  Oh hipster Cthulhu, I love you so very much.

That being said, while I love my Hipster Cthulhu I’m still going to go see “Pacific Rim.”  It has giant monsters fighting giant robots.  At that point I could give a crap if it even has a plot, I just want to see that.

Now I know it won’t have Chulhu in it or even hipster Cthulhu, if they could make a sequel with some Shoggoths and some Deep One’s in it that would be super awesome.