Today’s comic has Lovecraft’s, zombie ex-wife and his current girlfriend having a Girl talk all about him.  This can only end in tears.

As a man, and might I add, an incredibly manly man, I fear when women get together and talk.

It’s not cowardice per se, yet I will admit that I am afraid.  It’s simply that I know what women discuss when they get together and let me assure you that there is no subject which is forbidden or taboo.

My wife recently had a “Girls Night” this Friday.  That’s a house full of women and they are between my office and the kitchen.  The kitchen is where I keep all my disgustingly fatty foods.  I have no choice I must possess them.  That means I must run the gauntlet in order to expand my gelatinous belly.

Ladies and Gentlemen I heard…. Things.  Things that would make a slightly pudgy middle aged man blush… blush with SHAME I say!