Amazon sending drones to my house delivering all of the various things Amazon delivers!  And then they stick around to watch you……. and to judge you.

I’ve got a friend who is completely convinced that the NSA is watching him 24/7.  His concern over drones and the various watch’n said drones are capable of has him greatly concerned.  He doesn’t do anything worthy of watching, but that doesn’t stop his anxiety.  I’m sorry did I say anxiety I meant insanity.

Of course he could be right.  Maybe the government is in league with Amazon to take pictures of their clients.

Well if the government wants to watch me then I’m going to give them a show.  Prepare to be blinded by the overwhelming disgustingness of me wearing moon boots, pasties, and that’s about it.  Because I’m going to make sure that every agent at the NSA is intimately familiar with all my various gross features.

Honestly I can’t wait.