Where Future Supervillains Come From?  They come from super concerned parents.  Parents who care deeply about their child’s ability to defend themselves from Batman.  If we don’t teach them, where are they going to learn it?…. On the streets!

Not on my watch.

You can ask both of my children how to kill vampires, werewolves, zombies, and Batman and they’ll be able to tell you in detail.  That my friends is good parenting. …No matter what social services says otherwise.

Shooting Zombies in the Head

I always hate the scenes in zombie movies where they start shooting the first zombies to rise, only to have no effect until someone gets a lucky shot off and pops the head.  It’s ridiculous, who doesn’t know this by now?

Why do we have to waste time in almost every zombie movie with this labored scene to explain what we all already know.  Often it takes a ludicrous amount of time for the characters to figure out what my eight and eleven year old have known for years.

It only makes any real sense if you assume that all zombie movies take place in an alternate reality where no one has ever heard of a zombie.  That’s also the only way any zombie apocalypse could have a hope of occuring.  Humans are simply too well armed and too well prepared to destroy the zombies before there’s a problem.

Much as I wish and pray every day that the living dead will rise up and consume the living in a tide of bloody retribution, I fear I am doomed to disappointment.