I had the toughest time writing this comic tonight.  Everything I wrote down sounded like a horrible double entendre.   Then I simply came to terms with the fact that I’m a guy and therefore a bit of a perv and suddenly all was right with the universe.

Today’s comic is very much like that Jerry Seinfeld episode where George gets caught staring at cleavage.  It really is like staring at the sun.  Do it too long and you will be burned, but just a quick peak and your day is much much better. That being said it is my stated position that cleavage is proof positive that God/Cthulhu exists and wants us to be happy.


I will probably get in trouble for this comic today.  This will of course be the one post that my mother, kids, or wife will read and then I’ll get smacked in the back of the head.  Oh well, I refuse to hit the backspace button and everyone who knows me knows already that this is how I am.

I like cleavage.  It is awesome.