Forbidden sights And scandalous betrayals abound in today’s comic.  It seems we have something of a zombie love triangle here.  Well except that Lovecraft doesn’t want anything to do with his ex-wife.  It’s just that he doesn’t want to see her happy either.  And especially not with his brother.

I confess that I also do not want to see my ex-wife happy nor my siblings.  In fact nobody’s allowed to be happy!  I’m suddenly convinced that their must be a finite amount of happiness in this world and for someone to experience happiness another person MUST have their happiness taken away.  It’s my theory of “Conservation of…. happiness and fuzzy feelings.”  Or something.  Look, it’s a working title.

If you look at it that way every time you feel good about something, you are stealing happiness from someone.  And stealing is wrong.

By the same token if you deliberately choose to be unhappy and become a bitter old crank then in fact you a true humanitarian as you are simply giving away your happiness to someone needier than yourself to enjoy.  Technically that means that when I’m pissy and bitter driving down the road…. I’m a hero.

That makes me feel really good about myself………. Ah HELL now I’m stealing!

I really need to stop writing these posts so late at night.  (Sigh)