Edward Cullen’s least awesome vampire power has to be without a doubt reading minds.  Sure that sound’s like a great vampire power, but it’s not.

Think about it.  Think about what goes through your evil twisted brain on a daily basis.  Thoughts that you would never say.  Terrible debased thoughts that would bring nothing but shame and horror if anyone else knew.

Now take those terrible thoughts and multiply them by six billion other terrible people walking the planet.  Would you really want to know that?  I wouldn’t.

If I was privy to the thoughts of everyone around me all the time I’d have to move as far away from people as I could possibly manage.

And that’s why Edward Cullen gets the shaft when it comes to vampire powers.  The poor guy if anything deserves our pity.  His girlfriend is a sad awkward Mary Sue character, he can’t go outside without looking like a walking disco ball, and he has to listen to all the mundane, idiotic, and perverted thoughts running through six billion aweful people.

Worse vampire power ever.