Doctor Who undead: The Eleventh Doctor.  Proving that even the nicest of bow ties is no defense against becoming a zombie the Eleventh Doctor is now Doctor Who Undead.  I like him better this way to be honest.  As a Doctor Who Undead he’ll travel from time period to time period inflicting terrible zombie outbreaks on everyone he meets.  It’s a nice way of turning a hero into a villain.

Unless you make him a good Doctor Who undead, then I suppose he can run around frantically looking for a cure to his condition or some such.  Makes for a good anti-hero.  None of these things will happen of course because nobody and I mean nobody cares about my opinion about Doctor Who.

My wife and kids love Doctor Who.  They are always watching it, discussing it, re-watching it, etc…..  Despite myself I’m slowly absorbing Doctor Who by the simple fact that my office is right next to the living room.  I can’t help but watch it a bit.

This is killing me of course as I have one great flaw as a fan of science fiction.  I hate…. I HATE time travel stories.  Thus I have something of a dilemma when it comes to watching Doctor Who.  He’s a time traveler, which I hate, but each episode involves relatively few of the tropes of time travel stories that annoy me so much.  What to do, what to do?

To not watch Doctor Who is to remain ignorant of a big chunk of sci-fi geekery culture….. but I hate time travel so much.   If the show’s episodes would have just a few less Daleks and just a few more zombies I’d be happier.

(Sigh) I’ll have to give it another try I suppose.  If for no other reason than my daughter likes it and that tiny little redhead rules my life sometimes.

And now for sleep as it is painfully late.