Doctor Who Undead: The Eighth Doctor which as everyone knows is the most Cravatesque doctor of them all.  Cravats are the ultimate in neck ware for any Time Lord.  Okay I could have totally made that up.  My eight year old daughter knows more about Doctor Who than I ever will.

Do you know how humiliating it is to ask your eight year old daughter if daddy is drawing the correct Doctor Who…. And Then the little snot has the nerve to correct me and show me which Doctor is the eighth one.  Well a little piece of me died when that happened.  Sure I’m proud of her, but I’m competitive.

You’re killing daddy little one…. You’re killing daddy.

As my daughter is trying desperately to make me a Doctor Who fan I’m desperately trying to make her and my son fans of the nerdy stuff I like.  Zombie movies, crappy Hammer Horror films from the 70’s, and poorly acted sci-fi from the 50’s.  Needless to say I’m losing the fight.  The crappy special effects and slow paced dialogue of the crap I like can’t compete with the crap they like.

That’s when I start to feel old….. Then I realize that the people my age don’t even like the old crap I like and I feel even older.  Some days I feel like a sixty year old in a thirty-eight year old degenerate’s body.

Good hell I hope my crippling immaturity can balance all this out and bring me back to a respectable age.