I can think of worse ways to die, but I can’t think of any more embarassing.

For those of you who don’t know our good friend David Carradine has passed away due to “Complications” from Auto-erotic Asphyxiation (He hung himself AND his junk from a closet door)……. gross. Apparently Mr. Carradine was a bit kinky and would do this often, there was also some question of cross dressing and Lingerie.

Okey dokey! Well to each there own I guess.

I used to watch Mr. Carradine all the time on “Kung Fu Theater” which was awesome and he was hilarious as Frankenstein in “Death Race 2000.” If you haven’t seen the original you must. It’s part of your cultural heritage.

Anyway, welcome to The Zombie Nation Mr. Carradine. Unfortunately zombies don’t need to breath so there will not be anymore “slappy fun time” for you. Sorry about that.