True Tales Of A Cartoonist: Con Flu of Eldritch Doom!  The Con Flu, the result of spending a weekend shaking hands, talking non stop, stress, and getting  very little sleep.  The con flu is very real and will knock you on your butt when you least expect it.

The Con Flu starts as a slow dull throb in just behind the eyes.  Suspiciously it feels the same as when otherworldly Eldritch creatures beyond mortal understanding grow in your brain.  Or so I have been told.  The pressure builds and your vision swims with images that mankind was not meant to witness.

The con flu very often sucks the energy out of your body.  My theory is that it is siphoning it off to accelerate the unholy abomination that is now living in your skull.  You must seek professional help before this otherworldly eldritch spawn is birthed from your swollen melon.  If no doctor is available I recommend a strong decongestant and a nap.

My Own Con Flu

I recently came down with the con flu shortly after Horror con in Portland, Oregon, and again recently at Paraconwest In West Valley, Utah.  I would love to just be asleep right now, but savage skull pain or not things must be done.

After Horrorcon my wife sent me to the doctor who barely looked at me and pronounced it to be a case of allergies.  Come on man!  At the very least give me some placebos.  I like sugar and I’m really good at convincing myself that things work, or that they don’t, or that I’m sick… or not.  Look it gets complicated.  But my head hurts and I would like it to stop now.

The point of this is that con flu is real and my doctor is a jerk.

Also I need to get a buffer going as I hate missing posts.  Sorry about that, guys.  The comic itself will resume Wednesday.