Carl The Walking Dead drawn as a zombie.  Because that kid is never ever where he should be.  Becoming a zombie is the inevitable result.  If it were me in that series…. Well Lori would have “disapeared” long ago and Carl would be on a leash.  That’s just good parenting.

You see the “Carl is not in the house” meme everywhere these days.  It’s getting a little old, but I’m ready to polish this turd one last time and draw Carl The Walking Dead as a gross smelly zombie.

Carl The Walking Dead

I drew this zombie portrait of Carl in the same way I am currently offering sketches on my zombie store.  And just because I had a wild hair to do it, I kept the color for today’s comic.

I like the look of the comic in color.  I’m not ready to do it all the time, but this was a fun departure from doing everything in black and white.