Bub the zombie from George Romero’s “Day of the Dead” is still one of my favorite zombies.  “Day of the Dead” is probably not the best of Romero’s zombie movies, but it is the goriest of the original three and that’s why I love it.

Tom Savini worked on the makeup and special effects for this movie and he definitely brought his A game.  These days far too many zombie movies resort to crappy CG special effects rather than practical effects.   They may be cheaper but they don’t look as cool.

Still, the star of “Day of the Dead” is clearly Bub the zombie.  In the movie Dr. Frankenstein (No not that Doctor) is trying to figure out a way to domesticate the zombie hordes and convince them to not eat all of us pesky humans.  Bub the zombie is his star pupal.

I liked Bub the zombie, Romero does a really good job of making you care about the creature.  Bub enjoys music, remembers his past life as a soldier, and genuinely cares about Dr. Frankenstein.

When the poor doctor gets killed by Lieutenant Rhoades it’ Bub the zombie who has the honor of shooting Rhoades who is then promptly torn apart by the zombie horde.  That was actually a pretty gruesome scene that’s been done to death these days.  But in 1985 it was truly gut wrenching.  Now that pun was intended.

He thinks, he reasons, he has emotions, and best of all shooting the detestable Lieutenant Rhoades seals the deal.  Bub the zombie takes the number two position on my list of the Top Ten Zombies of Badassadness.

Bub The Zombie Day of the Dead 1985

Maybe I should have worried about spoilers for “Day of the Dead”  but come on!  The movie is nearly thirty years old.   Just go see it.  But be warned it does have possibly the worst soundtrack you have ever heard.