Bruises Are Very Therapeutic or at least that’s what I told myself as I cried myself to sleep. Good times… Good times.

Sooo I went to Toshocon this Saturday. Which was a lot of fun. It’s just a one day Anime convention but if you’re into just people watching an anime convention can’t be beat. I’m always highly entertained with all the people who dress up for those.

This is the part where things start to take a turn for the worse. We got lunch at Weinerschnitzel which consisted of various pork products pressed into highly suggestive shapes, labeled with the dignified term of “Wiener”, and then goggled them down. You know normal stuff.

Except for the food poisoning that hit my son and I later that night. Now I’m an excessively manly man brimming with manly chest hair so I merely got a tummy ache. But my son…. my poor son. He’s not nearly as manly as I am and about five a.m. proceeded to spew a vile concoction of stomach debree in a truly impressive arc over all his belongings, and the walls, and the floor… and…and. The horror!

It was truly an impressive sight and from now on I will always refer to my son as “The Sprinkler.” I’m sure it will leave no lasting psychological scars.

Official Zombie Vomit

The moral of this story is kids are gross.