Zombification is a marked improvement to vampirism in my opinion. Bella  Swan should have been trying for this all along.

Well I drew Edward Cullen as a zombie it was only fair and inevitable that I would draw Bella as a zombie.

Ah ha ha ha, it’s so much fun to make fun of people who are more successful than me… better looking… have… more… money..

Damn it! I hate them so much (Shakes fist in helpless jealous rage)

Before you send hate mail (Although I am Highly amused when I get those so don’t stop) yes I have read Twilight.  For the Record I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either.  I thought it was just okay.  But at the same time I realize that as a typically insensitive male these books were not written for me.  It was written for women like my wife, and she loves it.  That’s cool… I guess. (Resentment)

First of all if I had written Twilight there would have been considerably more car chases, zombies,  and midgets….. Great Cthulhu I love midgets!!!  If you don’t love midgets your a liar.  Remember “Willow”  best movie ever!  Way better than Twilight.  Also rewriting Bella as a zombie would be fun.  Think of the very very few changes I would have to make to her character.  Easy.

….K I have to apologize.  Look it’s late and I’m toasted on a weee bit more decongestant than I really should have taken.  But I refuse to self edit!  That involves hitting the backspace key and I just won’t do it.

One day I’m going to meet Stephanie Myer and she is going to beat the crap out of me!  Justifiably so too.