Another moving day Zombie Webcomic is up! Wow, I wish I had the time to do more… I feel shame.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I need this move to START! The waiting is killing me. I can’t find all of my copies of “Good Person Magazine” because everything is now in boxes.

Won’t be long though before I do have to change my address.  I hate that.  I’ve been living here for five years and I STILL get the previous owners mail…. And dang it! I’m tired of getting weird looks from my postman every time he puts a copy of “Midget Wrestling Quarterly” in my mailbox.  That’s not mine, Pal.

Mine is the “Midget Bowling Aficionado.”

It’s not what you think, I just read it for the articles…… No, that’s not true.  (Sigh) It’s exactly what you think.