Apocalypse Teasers.  So how many Apocalypses were supposed to take place in 2012.  Crap tonnes, that’s how many.  It seams to me that we have had arm chair prophets of the end times coming out of the wood work to tell us how we’re all gonna die.  I feel like if you declare the apocalypse is supposed to happen and it doesn’t, you should probably be punished in some delightfully humiliating way.

If you are reading this then I can only assume that you are not dead… Of possibly you are dead, but just have unusually high reading skills for a zombie.  If so, I’m impressed.

I’ve grown up in Utah and I can tell you that from a very early age I have been told by various apocalypse teasers that I would be alive during the coming end times…. I am now Thirty-Eight years old and I ain’t getting any younger.  Lets get a move on people!  I am beginning to suspect that in fact I will never see it.  (Sadness)

I used to actually keep track of how many crackpots / apocalypse teasers over the years said the world was going to end, but I lost count after I had lived through a dozen different days that End times were scheduled to occur.

That’s how much my childhood affected me.  How many children do you know who keep track of crazy predictions of doom.  I almost wish I could go back in time just so I could punch a bunch of adults in the mouth for damaging my young impressionable mind.  Since that’s not going to happen either, I’ll just settle for being a delightfully bitter and cynical adult.  🙂

I WANT MY APOCALYPSE DAMN IT!  Sadly it just doesn’t seam to be happening.

Now, I do love reading the stories of the people who spent all their money because they thought the world would end.  Aaah how their suffering nourishes the black lump of evil that I call my soul.

If I can’t spend my days testing my metal against a horde of undead I can at least enjoy a little schadenfreude at the people who royally screwed up their lives because they took the word of some apocalypse teasers a bit too seriously.