Anti Zombie Weapons are the stock and trade of Dr. H. West the “Revitalizer”.   He’s a totally a unique character and in no way, shape, or form, a character based on the character Herbert West Re-Animator from H.P. Lovecraft’s writings.  I swear it on a stack of flaming bibles.  I assume that flaming Bibles are the traditional means by which one swears to there honesty.  Look I was raised in a strict household and I have the burned hands to prove it.

When working on anti zombie weapons there is no line you cannot cross, no rule or ethic you cannot break.  Forbidden areas of research are suddenly no longer taboo, but are entirely encouraged.  It is all in a quest to rid yourself of the zombie menace and save the human race.

Think of it, are you willing to perform grisly experiments in the name of science if it will grant you anti zombie weapons of fearsome POWER!!!   Of course you are, and who could blame you.  Nobody wants to be stuck during a zombie apocalypse with nothing more to defend themselves but a Wiffle Bat and a plucky attitude.  (Although a plucky attitude will get you very far in life)

Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that much as I’m sort of armed to the teeth and I live in a state where owning a gun is commonplace.  In fact, I pity the poor zombie that tries to take over Utah.  Everyone here is armed, has a crap tonne of food storage, and the very terrain of the state makes Utah very unpleasant for zombie kind.

…Plus our multiple wives are excellent shots.