I submit to you that a certain lack of Moral and Ethical hangups (Like don’t murder people) would actually come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.

That begs the question, what are you willing to do when society breaks down and there are no “enforceable” rules.

The following are key to my “Ethically and Morally Challenged Zombie Survival Plan”.

  • Food will be scarce during the zombie apocalypse therefore five minutes after it starts I’m going cannibal.  I don’t worry about food as my neighbors will be my tasty tasty snacks.
  • I feel I have a duty to repopulate the planet therefore I will somehow have to “acquire” potential mates.  (Cheerleaders I’m look’n at you)
  • Entertainment will be a high priority to stave off madness so I plan on beginning looting almost immediately.
  • I’ve seen enough 80’s horror movies to know that only the two prettiest people ever survive.  As a result if I find myself in a group of survivors I will quietly do away with anyone better looking than me.

Oh sure you could stick to your ethics and try to survive, I’m sure that’ll work out for you.  I’ll be thinking of you while in my zombie fortress surrounded by my harem and extensive progeny.

(Sigh.. I’m going to hell.  I know this)