Not judging a book by it’s cover sounds like one of those great sayings your mom tells you growing up.  All calculated to make you a better person and not a horrible asshole.  The trouble is that is the dumbest thing you could possibly do.  You better believe you should judge a book by it’s cover.  How are you going to avoid serial killers if you don’t?

Sure the three hundred pound biker covered in tattoos and piercings “Might” have a heart of gold and be the type of guy who helps feed the homeless.  But it’s probably much more likely that at some point he’ll try to wear your skin and by wearing your skin be “Born again unto new worlds.”  The only way you can prevent this is by judging the crap out of that guy and all others like him.

Yes mistakes will be made.  But you’ve got to play the odds man.  You don’t have time to get to know everyone and make a reasoned and non biased opinion/threat assessment of their personality.  It’s called a “Flight or Fight response”, not a “Take time and think about it response.”  Chances are if someone looks scary they probably are.  Not always….. but I choose life damn it.

I realize this is not a popular opinion.  Take five minutes around the internet and I’m sure you can find some soft headed advice about judging people not by their appearance but by the quality of personality.  But when you are walking down a dark alley appearances are all that you have to go by.  Sometimes judging a person based solely on their appearance is all that separates you from life or death.  Also, why are you walking down a dark alley?  It’s like you are just asking to get put on the side of a milk carton.

This is probably a good time to admit that I have a slightly skewed view of the world where I worry that all my neighbors are serial killers plotting to wear my skin.  This is why I have tall fences and two Rottweilers.  I’m sort of a paranoid guy like that.

I take a lot of Prozac…… a lot.