If all you have is peripheral vision then it’s going to be pretty damned hard to fight anything in front of you.  Sure some of you science nerds out there might point out that hammer head sharks see perfectly well in front of them.  This may very well be true, but human/shark hybrids are not so lucky.

And how dare your question their disability?!?  I’m ashamed of you.

I’m also a weeeeee bit toasted on back pain pills at the moment.  I hurt my back in the most manly way possible earlier this week… by sneezing.  And tonight it’s really hard to draw because of it.  Thank mighty Cthulhu for modern medicine however.

Sadly… or not so sadly depending on how you look at it, I’m having a bit of a hard time forming a coherent thought.  What I’m trying to say is that I am legally tripping balls at the moment.  (My mother will read this post at a later date I’m sure and feel intense pride I’m sure)

Anyway.  What the crap was I talking about?  Oh yeah zombie fighting super soldiers.  I still love that idea.  Most movies you see the survivors gradually making dumber and dumber decisions that get themselves killed.  For survival sake it only makes sense to breed a special type of warrior that is able to take on the zombie menace without the weakness’s of us lame humans.

Possibly though great care should be taken when breeding these super soldiers that they should have binocular vision as well as peripheral vision.

These things are important.