The most unbelievable part of today’s comic is that both zombies aren’t wearing head protection. If that was your only real vulnerability wouldn’t you run around with a helmet all the time?

Come on, I’ve seen zombie movies where you lightly tap a zombie on the head and he goes down like a tonne of Rosie O’donnell. That’s bullcrap of course, if your head was that easy to bash open my son would be dead a hundred times over.

I swear I’ve seen that kid smack his big head into every possible sharp object for years. It’s like he has a magnet in his head that attracts pain and bruising. The kid is literally lowering his test scores on a daily basis. And that’s why I love that little tax deduction.

My son is proof that the skull is a tough nut to crack. I “imagine” it’s hard to crack a zombie noggen as well.

Anyway because I love you soo much, oh yeah in that highly inappropriate way, I have lovingly provided a soundtrack to go with today’s comic.