Who am I kidding none of my characters have actual class, that’s crazy talk. You shouldn’t be surprised by that either as I’m writing them and I assure you I have none of my own.

It’s overrated anyway.

It’s 1:30 people, this is when I start rambling and refuse to hit delete.

I originally wasn’t going to have Mad Molly “Dabble in the love that dare not speak it’s name” but I wanted to throw another wrinkle in the relationships between the zombies and the humans. Especially Romey who always gets the girl.

I used to hate the guys who would always get the girl in highschool. Hate him with a fiery hate. But then I also hated highschool with a fiery hate that eclipsed the very sun. Worst three years of my life.

I thought about going to my highschool reunion recently, but I think my wife and kids would appreciate me staying out of jail and not having murdering my entire graduating class.

Go Davis Darts…… preferably right off a cliff… and into a lake of boiling acid filled with acid proof piranhas.

Again, worst three years of my life.  How does that phrase go “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”?  I always thought it was more accurately stated “What doesn’t kill us wears us down till we eventually succumb”

Anyway.  If you are currently in highschool you have my sincere pity.  If it makes you feel better it gets way better when you leave that den of snakes for the adult world.

….Why can’t I stop thinking of Highschool today? … Scars man, they run deep.