Before you call try to murder me or set my house on fire know that I am not anti-furry.  Of course neither do I want to dress up like an anthropomorphic animal either.  Good hell, that’s too much effort to put all that stuff on and quite frankly you people are lucky I bother even wearing pants when I go out in public.   ….. REALLY lucky.

So while I don’t engage in any aspect of the furry lifestyle I will admit to always being highly amused when I go to conventions and furries are everywhere.  I like to think of them as just another part of the con going experience.  And I’m pretty happy about that.

The first convention I ever went to was “Conduit” where the comic was sort of adopted by the local furry community.  I was even hugged by several furries.  I choose to believe that under all that fur and large costumed head was a beautiful woman.

This is what I choose to believe and I’m sticking to that belief.

….Also according to Urban Dictionary “Furry Sympathizer” is an actual term.  Who knew?